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Don’t let your bathroom become a war zone

Don’t let your bathroom become a war zone: A quick guide to keeping everything running smoothly.

The bathroom is one of your home’s most used rooms and, no matter how big or small, all bathrooms can succumb to plumbing issues, from the sink to shower and everything in between. 

One thing your bathroom facilities have in common, be it the shower, sink, or toilet – is drains, which can all become blocked for many reasons. Doing a little routine maintenance will keep the bathroom drains and pipes running smoothly and prevent plumbing emergencies from popping up. 

When you find a clogged sink or drain, often it’s from continual use – perhaps there’s something caught in it, and most of the time, a good clean or plunge can help unclog these blocked drains.

Bathroom sinks and shower drains can prove to be a little tricky as items like hair, soap, toothpaste, and other grooming chemicals can be the root cause of a clog. 

As with everything, prevention is better than cure, and the best way to prevent a clogged drain is not to put anything foreign down the drain that shouldn’t be there – keep a wastebasket in your bathroom for other goods, or where possible, compost it.

For drain clogs, firstly, try our DIY methods here. These include using a plunger, removing the drain cover and cleaning the drain manually, using a wire ‘snake’, and the old-fashioned mixture of baking soda and vinegar, as well as hot water.

So, to keep your bathroom in order, here are a few tips you can do yourself at home to keep everything running smoothly:

Shower head

If you begin to notice very weak or low water pressure, this may be a sign that your shower needs some maintenance. This is particularly common in older houses and can result in a leaky pipe, corrosion, or build – up in the showerhead.

Cleaning the showerhead with a product such as CLR or simply soaking the head with vinegar using a small bucket or plastic container can dissolve any mineral build – ups and restore the head.

Bathroom sink

The bathroom sink is probably the most used in the house. Hand washing, cosmetic application, grooming, dental care, and shaving all use the bathroom sink. This means the bathroom sink can often get backed up as items such as soap, toothpaste, grooming chemicals, and hair can form a clog. 

Luckily there are some pocket-friendly methods you can try to remove a clog in the bathroom sink.

Faucets are also a key part of the bathroom sink that may become worn over time and start to leak. You may need to tighten up the faucets or replace worn-out parts, such as seals, known as O-Rings. Fixing a faucet can be as simple as unscrewing the faucet handle to replace a washer and O-Ring.


A running toilet can be a key to keeping your bathroom in check. It’s the first thing a visitor will notice and one of the most used features of a bathroom. Check out our tips on fixing a toilet here (insert link of the first article). 

If your toilet keeps running, this may be due to a faulty valve, or the washers in the valves may be worn. The push-button can also malfunction and cause the water to continue to run. Sometimes this can be a simple button jam or the tank filling too quickly.

If you notice a leak around the base of the toilet, this may be the ‘pan collar’ – rubber seal connecting the outlet of the toilet pan to the PVC drain. The pan collar can wear out and is often the cause of leaks around the base. A professional can fix the pan collar for you and stop the leaking around the base of the toilet.

Stop writing cheques – keep up with regular checks

Of course, these methods discussed are your first step in keeping the bathroom clean and tidy and running as efficiently as possible. To keep on top of everything, check out our yearly plumbing maintenance checklist.

However, when your elbow grease and a plunger don’t seem to get the job done, it’s time to call a plumber. When multiple drains are clogged, it might be a sign of a clog in the sewer system, which can cause significant damage.

Leaks should also be attended with caution as fixing them can prevent further damage. If leaks persist, you may need to shut off your main water valve or wall tap connecting to the sink and call in professionals. 

A professional will know the most likely spots for the clogs and leaks and will handle the situation quickly and with the proper tools.

So, if your bathroom has an issue that needs a professional’s advice, we’re here to help – don’t hesitate and call us on 0488 097 677.

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