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Choosing a toilet suite

Do you need help choosing a new toilet suite? Whether you are replacing an old toilet or renovating an entire bathroom there will be a few decisions you have to make about a toilet suite that you may not have been expecting. There are a couple of important things you need to know, from a plumbing perspective, when choosing a toilet suite.

The style side

Firstly, there are several types of toilet suites available:

  • Connector
  • Close Coupled
  • Wall faced
  • Concealed

They all have a different look and style, with different benefits. Soft closing lids! Water that flushes around a ridge and falls in to the pan like a 360 degree waterfall! Hidden cisterns and sleek lines! Toilets just aren’t what they used to be.


We suggest you look at some websites or pop in to your local showroom and wander around. Caroma is a popular and trusted brand in Australia. You can check out their handy website, follow the link here.

The plumbing side

Now we mentioned there are some important things you need to know when choosing a new toilet suite. There is more to a toilet than meets the eye. Consider the practical as well. When you are purchasing a new toilet suite there are two things you must let your bathroom retailer know. And, honestly, how great will it feel to know the answers before they ask you the questions?

Where is your waste pipe? 

The waste pipe is where the poo and wee go! If you look at the toilet you will be able to see whether the waste pipe goes out through the wall or down through the floor. You need to purchase a toilet with a P-trap for a wall waste and an S-trap for a floor waste. Below are examples of wall and floor waste to give you an idea.

choosing a toilet suite

Where is your water tap?

It is on the wall beside your toilet OR hidden inside your cistern. (If you read our article Anatomy of a toilet you will learn the importance of the water tap and how it can save you in an emergency.)

Can you see the water tap on your wall? If yes, then you need a bottom inlet cistern. If you cannot see the water tap, it will be inside your cistern which means you will require a cistern that has a hidden water tap. Easy right?

In conclusion, whether you are looking online or browsing in a show room there are a lot of choices in toilet suite designs. Go for the style you like and remember the two key pieces of information: if you have an S or P-trap and where the water tap is located. If you still feel unsure or would like some help then please call us at Flowtec Plumbing and Gas. Happy flushing!

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