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How to find and hire a local plumber

Wondering how to find and hire a good local plumber? Feeling unsure about where to start and how to find the right person for the job? We understand how daunting it can be to find and hire a local plumber so we’ve put together this handy step by step guide to make it a little easier.

Let’s get the toilet paper rolling

Before anything else, one thing must be clear: What is the job? Installing a hot water system, renovating a bathroom, clearing a drain, or fixing a leak seem like obvious jobs for a plumber. However, not all plumbers do all types of work. Some work requires a specialist, such as a gasfitter, for which Googling “plumbers near me” and picking the first one isn’t wise. (Flowtec can do ALL those jobs, by the way. Just saying.)

Keeping it local

find a local plumber adelaide

Imagine the worst: a gushing unstoppable flow of water in your home in the middle of the night. You need a local plumber that can be there at any time….quickly! We think there are a few reasons to choose local but that’s the main one – Someone to arrive quickly in an emergency.

Also, when you hire a local plumber, you hire someone invested in their reputation. Working in within the same area means their clients probably know each other, and one client could lead to getting another client or losing a potential one.

1. Let your fingers do the typing

The internet just never stops giving! Because when technology offers all its benefits, you should always take advantage of it. Want to check their business? Want to know what services they offer? Want to read through their clients reviews? Want to check if they’re right for you before having them at your place? Google them! Their website and/or social media will help answer many if not all of these questions. Here are our website and Facebook pages.

It’s a great tool to help you compare qualifications, services, and you can even see photos of some of their previous jobs, which can help you get a feel of the business in order to pick your winner. Never ever forget to check the reviews. Their previous customers will help you understand the quality of their service as well as anticipate the experience you could have with the company. Lots of one star reviews? Next! Lots of five star reviews? Add them to your list! Oh, what’s that? Flowtec’s Google reviews happen to be all five star reviews?

“exceptional service and quality work”   “turns up when he says” 

“very friendly, works quickly and efficiently”  “extremely happy with the service provided’

Stop it, you’re making us blush.

2. Ask around

We mentioned happy customers before. Maybe your family, friends, or colleagues can recommend someone, or warn you off someone! That could be just as beneficial, maybe that way you can scratch some names off your list.

3. Call or chat

Now you can start making some calls or messaging them. Personally, we are delighted to talk with you on the phone, but if the reason why you have a phone is to type instead of talking, our Facebook Messenger chat is always there for you.

Consider the following when talking with them:

  • Are they happy to answer your call?
  • Do they call you back promptly if you leave a message?
  • Do they sound friendly? Do they seem willing to help?

Then ask:

  • Can they do the work?
  • Do they charge a call out fee?
  • Will they come and quote?


Finally, knock knock knocking

Hopefully your call or chat was successful and you have local plumbers knocking on your door to quote in no time. Treat it like a job interview… you’re the boss and only you can choose who will get the job. Ask as many questions as you feel you need to and listen for truthful knowledgeable answers.

And just remember, Flowtec Plumbing and Gas are your local plumber and we would love the chance to be hired by you!







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