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Spring Cleaning Checklist

After a cold winter, spring is the perfect time to shake off the old and get on with the new. Hello, Spring Cleaning! This is that time of the year when you get ready to give your home a new life with a thorough clean up, some needed renovations, and maintenance. 

If you want to make the process much more efficient and fun, there’s no better plan than having a plan. 

Winter is a tough season not just for you and your family, it’s especially rough for your house, your plumbing, and your appliances which have to work harder. So, let’s go through a spring cleaning checklist that’ll ensure your house gets the makeover it deserves.

The Team

One of the best ways to make the job easier is to get everyone in the household involved. Divide the home and the tasks among all those who live there and you’ll get it done quicker, plus you’ll have a bunch of fun along the way. The more the merrier, they say.

This is also a great way to get everyone, especially children and teens, to understand the value of keeping things clean and well maintained.

The Tools

Before you get going, make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. Cleaning products, supplies, and tools must be ready to go in order to avoid having to go get them from the store thus delaying the entire process. Make a list and add a little extra just in case.

The Day

Prepare a schedule where you assign everybody and every task a specific amount of time to get done. Be realistic, reasonable, and perhaps include an extra incentive if your team gets things done faster.

Your schedule must include breaks, lunch, and maybe a couple of fun activities or games to make the day more entertaining.

The Actual Cleaning

Other than cleaning each room, getting rid of clutter, and making sure everything is impeccable, there are some areas you must pay special attention to:


  • Gutters


Clean them and double check for needed repairs and blockages.


  • Bathtubs and Sinks



Check for cracks, leaks, rust, and other signs that might point towards a replacement or repair.


  • Toilets


Make sure they’re working properly, check for leaks, loose parts, and make a note of if repairs or maintenance are needed.


  • Pipes


Clean out any rust and triple check for leak or loose joints. Make a note if any of it needs repair. 


  • Faucets


Clean them and make sure they’re working properly.


  • Washing machine


Check the hoses, drains, and all moving parts to make sure everything is in order. If it’s been over five years since you last gave it proper maintenance, call your local provider to schedule it.


  • Water heater


Check for leaks, rust, and loose parts. Make sure it’s working properly and schedule a professional for maintenance.



  • Drains and strainers


Clean them and replace any rusted or corroded parts.


  • Gas appliances


Check for leaks and make sure all joints are well isolated. It’s recommended that you schedule professional maintenance regularly.


  • Pool


Make sure the pump and filters are working properly and have a professional check of the entire system.


  • Structure


Of your house. Door hinges, windows, locks, and even walls might need a bit of maintenance or replacement.


Before you get your spring cleaning started, schedule a professional to come after spring cleaning is done to check your plumbing, appliances, pool, and other sensitive areas so they can tell you if extra maintenance or repairs are needed. Then, enjoy Spring with peace of mind!


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