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Summer Checklist – How to prepare your plumbing for the Australian Summer

Summer Checklist – How to prepare your plumbing for the Australian Summer

Summertime is approaching, and that means barbecues, swimming, beach trips, and outdoor activities. While the summer heat and long days are a welcome change, it’s important to check if your home’s plumbing is summer-ready. As spring comes to an end, now is the time to start verifying your property’s plumbing system is ready for the summer. The warmer months can wreak havoc on plumbing and lead to damage and costly repairs without the proper preparation.

Be Summer Ready

Summer tends to be the busiest time for your plumbing, with more time spent at home and additional uses of water such as lawn sprinklers and the washing machine. Summer can be just as susceptible to plumbing damages as the winter cold has strained the hot water system, and high temperatures can likely cause problems in your plumbing infrastructure. Most homeowners are more concerned with winter plumbing issues due to the cold; however, summer plumbing issues tend to occur from wear and tear from the hot weather and damaged faucets. It’s important to do some checks to assure you’re in good stead and won’t need to call for an emergency repair. There are a few common issues that can arise and are more likely to occur in summer and to help you avoid these, we’ve listed some tips so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the warmer weather.

Go easy on the Washing Machine

Summer often means swimming, beach days, and outdoor activities where the laundry can pile up more than usual. The washing machine is one appliance that tends to be overworked during the warmer months, so it’s worth giving your washing machine and its drainage system a once-over. Check if the hoses and pipes that connect to the drainage system have no leaks or cracks as heavy laundry loads can lead to overflows and blockages, so be aware when washing what you’re putting in. It can also help move the washing machine away from the wall to reduce any risk of overheating. There can be some tell-tale signs your washing machine needs maintenance. Like, if your clothes are still wet after a wash and spin, it can mean your washing machine’s motor is worn. If it is leaking or noisy, you need to do some maintenance. If you’ve been to the beach or doing outdoor activities like hiking or camping, do not put your clothes directly in the washing machine. Instead, rinse them off with a bucket of water to remove the sand, mud, and gravel before throwing them in the machine.

Keep it clean – gutters and pipes

The hot summer breeze and warm weather can bring in debris from falling leaves, twigs, and branches that tend to accumulate on your roof gutters and drains. It’s important to clear your gutter and drains leaves and debris, so the downpipes and ducts do not clog up. Having a flooded backyard or garden is something you want to avoid anytime, let alone in summer. A build-up of leaves, sticks, and other debris can cause clogs, and an overflow of water, as a result, can cause unexpected damage and costly repairs. Make sure you take the time to check out our spring-cleaning check list to make sure your pipes and gutters are in tip-top shape ahead of the summer.

Bathroom and shower

With the range of activities summer brings; you can experience problems such as slow showers or drains. If possible, try to rinse off in your backyard before heading in for a shower. You may also experience low water pressure, which can be due to pipes being blocked with debris or mineral build-up, or if the main valve is partially shut. It can be hard to diagnose, but keeping your pipeline clean will help avoid this. A new showerhead or pipe can sometimes fix the issue of low water pressure; however, some new houses and apartments have low-pressure water saver shower heads intended to reduce water use.

Cooking with gas – Check the lines before you grill

As an extra note on being prepared for the Summer, since it is also the best time to bring out the BBQ, which means it’s also essential to check your gas barbeque, stoves and pipes. Before firing it up and inviting your friends around, make sure that your gas BBQ works perfectly. Check the gas hoses and pipes for any possible leaks or damage. You can do the “soap test” by placing soapy water on the hose and pipeline to see if any bubbles would form, which would indicate a possible leak. It’s also worth checking if your gas cylinders are still within the specified valid dates. It is also the right time to check on your gas lines inside the home for some peace of mind. You can do the same soap test on your gas appliances, like the stove hose and pipes, to check for any possible gas leaks.

So, is your plumbing summer-ready?

Plumbing problems can be so inconvenient and even pose a safety risk to your family, as well as potentially costing you a lot of money in repairs. Use these tips to do your summer plumbing check or use our annual checklist here.

After doing a once-over yourself, if there’s anything that sticks out to you, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0488 097 697 for any questions or to book a plumbing inspection. We recommend a professional control at least once per year to ensure that your pipes, toilets, hot water systems, and taps are checked and are all in check, no matter the season.

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