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How to unblock a kitchen drain

Need to unblock a kitchen drain? Is your sink filling up instead of going down? Tiny bits of food, cooking oils, grease, hair and steel wool can go down the drain and clog it. But it’s not hard to fix and we can walk you through the process to unblock a kitchen drain, from preparation to completion. It can be fixed and it can be easy. A little gross, but easy. Read on to find out how you can take control of your plumbing situation and unblock that kitchen drain!

unblock a kitchen drain

Non-invasive option – Keep Your Hands Clean

Fat, oil and grease are best cleared away with hot water and detergent. If the water isn’t draining down the sink then before you pull out a wrench try pouring some boiling water and detergent in to the drain. A plunger can assist you to push the water down. They are relatively cheap at your local hardware store.

Bicarb soda and vinegar may produce a lot of fizz but unfortunately they don’t break down the bad stuff so don’t waste your time.

If you’ve reached the point of looking online for how to unblock a kitchen drain then you probably need to move to the next step.

Get your hands dirty and get under the sink

It’s time to get your hands dirty and take charge of the situation. Much like you do with all the other things in your life. And unblocking a drain will be easier than the time you made up an excuse to avoid volunteering for the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. First step:

What are you working with?

It doesn’t matter if you have a double sink or a dishwasher. They all have drains and it’s all just water. If there is a dishwasher hose attached to your drain, don’t be alarmed. It will just be a little more awkward for you to empty the drain, but not impossible. The next part is simple.

First off, be prepared

There is no need to wear a full hazard suit. You’re not Walter White from Breaking Bad. However some old clothes wouldn’t hurt. Please read the following tip carefully to avoid the dreaded Plumbers Crack…..PULL YOUR PANTS UP. Done? Let’s continue.

unblock a kitchen drain

1. Clear out the space under your sink.
2. Grab an old towel to put on the floor.
3. Get a bucket or plastic container.  A wide shallow one will allow for a better catchment area.
4. Put some gloves on. Short ones will suffice but you may feel more confident in long.

Unscrewing the Trap and Checking your O Rings

To begin, there is a U shaped drain, directly under your sink. This is called a trap. A trap’s purpose in life is to be filled with water to stop the smells from below coming up through the sink and in to your home. Unfortunately the food scraps, oils and fats mentioned earlier build up continually over time in the bend. The blockage can be at the end of the bend or the beginning.

Secondly, the drain will have O-rings. They are black rubber rings that act as a seal on the trap. Look for them when you unscrew the drain so you know where to put them when and if they fall off.

Below are some images to show you which part of the trap to unscrew.

You may find it easier to loosen each nut a little before completely unscrewing them. Water will instantly spill out but you have your plastic container underneath already because you are one smart cookie.

Now tip the trap upside down and don’t get too grossed out by whatever comes out. Take your trap to another sink and give it a rinse out. Make sure there is no mucky stuff on the O-rings or they will leak. (If the O-rings are worn or torn, you need to buy new ones.)

Lastly, reattach the trap, run some water and you should have a newly unclogged kitchen drain! Go you!

Still blocked?

If clearing the trap doesn’t solve the problem then the issue is further down the pipe. Call Flowtec Plumbing and Gas and we will help you.

unblock a kitchen drain



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