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Uh-Oh! See the Worst Plumbing Renovation Mistakes in Adelaide

DIY renovations are all the rage. “Do it yourself!” screams the internet, and boy does it look easy in those simple step-by-step videos. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been getting so many calls to clean up DIY renovation disasters. If you’ve tried it yourself, then you may have discovered that bathroom, kitchen, and plumbing renovations are not as easy as they look! 




Whether you’re installing a new tap or changing out a dingy kitchen sink for the double-basin of your dreams, a lot can go wrong during home renovations in Adelaide. Below are some of the most common plumbing renovation mistakes.


1- Incorrect measurements: Taking accurate measurements is a precise process. Even if they were off by a single centimetre, incorrect measurements have led to numerous problems during renovation plumbing in Adelaide. Just imagine the horror of ripping out the old toilet and lugging in the new, only to discover that (gasp!) it doesn’t fit! 

2- Mismatched pipes and fixtures: Not every pipe or fixture plays nicely with others. Without a discerning and experienced eye, it’s easy to choose pieces that don’t function well together. For example, some taps won’t work in a particular sink, and mixing pipe materials can cause corrosion or leaks.

3- Neglecting proper ventilation: Most people don’t realize that drainage systems are built with plumbing vents to release the buildup of gases and odours. If this step is neglected, you may be exposing your family to harmful fumes and gases!

4- Taking on too much: Renovating your home is a complicated job. The average guy can handle painting and finishing tasks, but technical jobs like plumbing and gas restorations can be exhausting and frustrating. That’s exactly what happened to our client Ben during his kitchen renovation. When he decided to call us, we were able to take the stress and frustration off of his shoulders within a few short hours.



Once you’re ready to leave the technical work to the pros, you can begin dreaming up home renovation ideas on a budget:


1- Step away from the white and chrome. Try stepping outside of sterile color combos. Fixtures and hardware are now offered in a rainbow of colors that will breathe vivid life into your space.

2- Think small! If you thought there was no space for a remodel, think again! Even the tiniest of kitchens and bathrooms can be renovated for a smart new look. See this example of a small kitchen space that we helped to revamp:




3- Capitalize on light. Throw out those heavy curtains and blinds. Natural light, as well as strategically placed indoor lighting, can completely transform the look and feel of your home.

4- Use repurposed materials. Not only are sustainable and repurposed materials super trendy right now, they can also add charm to retro or mid-century home designs. 

5- Less is more; make changes on a tiny budget. Try updating small details like sink taps, shower hardware, and cabinet knobs. These subtle changes can make a big difference. 

6- Think conservation. Choose low-flow fixtures to show love to your natural environment and reduce water bills at the same time. 

7- Redesign for convenience. Changing the placement of your kitchen sink, dishwasher, and stove could completely streamline kitchen duties. The same is true of outdated bathrooms. We can help you redesign the appliance floor plan to maximize time and convenience. 

8- Update outdated appliances. Are you holding on to a twenty-year-old stove range or a stone-age style sink? Appliances may be expensive, but they are long-term investments that will reduce the cost of future repairs. 

9- Consider a second sink. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, a second sink can make a world of difference in your daily routine. 

10- Work in additional storage. Especially for small spaces, clever storage solutions will add convenience and a tidy appearance. Try working in floating shelves, under-sink storage, or a mirrored cabinet.



Feeling inspired yet? Flowtec is more than just a local plumber in Adelaide; we can help you make budget-friendly changes that will transform the way you live. Browse through some of our recent projects, or contact us for a consultation on your next plumbing renovations or just for routine maintenance.


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