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Buying a New Hot Water System?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.. right? Well, ponder what would happen if your hot water system suddenly stops and you’re stuck taking cold showers and wondering if your dishes are truly clean. Knowing the different types of hot water systems available, the installation process, and all the associated costs will help ensure this problem is easily solved.

We often don’t think about how much we use hot water for until we don’t have it. The hot showers, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. all use hot water from the same source: the hot water system.

Things to consider before buying a hot water system:

The amount of people in your household will determine the best size water heater required. As a general rule a 250 litre hot water system will service around two to five people. There are also other things to consider, for example, how many appliances you have that utilize the hot water? Since many of us often have the shower, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. running simultaneously the amount of pressure for the water heater is an important factor as to help save on the cost of water in total.

hot water system

Along with finding the appropriate hot water system for your household, using efficient water taps such as shower heads and faucets will help save on the total amount of hot water used. This will ultimately reduce the energy cost.

How much does a new hot water system cost?

Now, it’s time to consider which kind of energy will power your water heater be it electric, gas, solar, or heat pump.  

Electric heaters range between $490-$1,500 (not including installation) and are the least expensive to purchase. However,  the cost to keep electric water heaters running tends to be the most expensive. Gas heaters generally fall between $800-$2,000 (not including installation). Gas heaters are generally more cost effective because they heat water at a quicker rate. This process is continuous flow.

Solar heaters are the most expensive, with prices ranging between $2,000-$7,000. However, solar heaters require no energy fees as the solar panels collect the energy from the sun. The solar tanks tend to be larger in volume and require more heat time. Although environmentally friendly, the solar panels require more installation process and larger collection area.

hot water system

The most reliable brands for hot water systems are Rheem, Rinnai, and Bosch. A helpful tool to calculate the cost of running a hot water system in your home is the Rheem Running Cost Calculator

Be sure to check Government rebates of water heater brands to save extra on the cost of the water heater. These Government rebates differ depending on your city and state, and you can check here to see which savings apply to you.

How to start

Consulting with a professional from Flowtec Plumbing and Gas will offer insight on which water heater would be best for your home. The Flowtec team bases this insight off of amount of water needed, which energy source powers it, and the price of the heater.

Trust Flowtec Plumbing and Gas to properly deliver and install the hot water system. Installation with Flowtec Plumbing and Gas also allows for easy accessibility to the system once installed. We will also dispose of the existing system and create a hassle-free change of hot water source.

Contact Flowtec Plumbing and Gas now to get started!

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