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Plumbing Tips to Prepare for Winter

Are you ready for the big chill?

You know what they say, a stitch in time saves nine. How many winters have you put off having a routine maintenance plumbing check? The alternatives aren’t pretty – realising you have no hot water on the coldest morning of the year; having a pipe burst and cause extensive water damage to your home, or perhaps even ceiling bubbling, leaks and flooding caused by leaf-filled gutters.

A routine maintenance callout will save you time, prevent emergency callouts and save you serious dollars. But if having a routine plumbing maintenance check-up isn’t in the budget this month, here are a few simple things you can do to prepare your home for winter:


Clear the gutters

Gutters are a pretty useful contraption. A clean gutter collects water and sends it down the drain pipe, away from your home. Leaf matter and other debris that obstruct the flow of water causes the water to pool, putting pressure on the gutters and drain pipe and causing costly structural damage to your home. A leaking roof is usually a sign of a neglected gutter.

Clean your drains

Keeping your drains in good condition is one of the easiest things you can do to care for your home. Routinely cleansing drains with vinegar and bi-carb soda is a cheap and environmentally friendly remedy.


Tidy up outside

Before bleak miserable rain sets in, scan and tidy up the backyard. unplug hoses, sprinkler and irrigation systems that won’t be used over the winter months, and check all faucets are firmly closed. Not only will the missus think the world of you, but you will prevent water potentially freezing in the hose, backing up the pipes and causing pressure to your plumbing system.

Timing is everything

To enjoy maximum heat and minimum spend, check the water heater is heating during the off-peak period. While you’re there, have a look to see if there is any rust or corrosion on the pipes, and give the system a wipe-down to clear away dust and debris.

Get that extra sparkle

One way to add sparkle to your day is to clean the filter in your dishwasher. This simple life hack will not only ensure that the drains remain clear, but will see your next wash come out sparking and fresh.

Check the valves on your washing machine

Pressure and leaks around the taps of your washing machine are a sign of impending trouble. Seal up any drips with water resistant tape and check the water pressure. Watch for leaks during the next machine cycle.

Drain the hot water system

The benefits of draining the hot water system are to prevent the build up of minerals in the tank, facilitate efficient usage and extend the life of the system. First switch off the system and remove any wires. Using a garden hose, drain the hot water from the tank, then the cold. Refill the tank, switch it back on and allow it to re-heat before using. For best results, drain your system twice a year.

Things that you should call a plumber to inspect:

winter plumbing tips - do I need a plumber?

These handy DIY plumbing maintenance tips are safe and simple to perform yourself and will make your winter the cosy and enjoyable experience it’s supposed to be. Remember team Flowtec are here for you should you need further assistance.

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