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Tips to Report and Prevent Sewer Blockages | Adelaide plumber

Sewer blockages often go unnoticed until it’s too late and disaster is already spreading all over the house. The most common causes of sewer blockages include tree roots, fat, oil or grease build-ups, foreign objects, and sewer line collapse. We’ve compiled a quick guide of tips to help you prevent and report sewer blockages.

Preventing Tips

Tips for preventing sewer blockages_ adelaide australia

These tips are designed to help you prevent a sewer blockage in your wastewater system. Pay close attention and call if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

  • Don’t plant any trees near your piping system; if you do, follow this guide.
  • Don´t flush foreign objects down the toilet, these include:
    • Wet Wipes.
    • Diapers.
    • Oil or grease.
    • Any other foreign object.
  • Do not undergo any renovations or construction without a professional.


Reporting Tips

Tips for reporting sewer blockages_Adelaide Australia

Once you notice a sewer blockage in your private sewerage pipes on your property, immediately call a licensed plumber to investigate further.

If you believe the blockage is in public pipes, call the Water Corporation to report the issue, but still call a licensed plumber since he’ll be able to know for sure.

Usually, the city carries out drainage maintenance works every year that include:

  • Pipe educting.
    Vacuuming out silt and rubbish build up.
  • Root cutting.
    Cameras are inserted into pipelines to assess root intrusion. High-pressure water jets and root cutting equipment are used to remove root growth.
  • Drainage infrastructure inspections.
    Regularly inspections to detect any defects that need repair.
  • Drainage projects.
    This project will allow data analysis to be done by computer in order to determine areas in need of future upgrading works.

how to prevent and report sewer blockages Australia

It’s everyone’s job to prevent and report any sewer blockages in order to keep everything flowing in our homes and our towns. Key takeaways are:

  • Don’t throw any foreign objects or grease down the drains or toilets.
  • Call a licensed plumber and the Water Corporation if you notice a blockage.
  • Don’t plant any trees or undergo construction/renovation processes without licensed supervision and authorization.

Tips to prevent and report sewer blockages in Adelaide

Find more helpful tips to continue flowing smoothly here:

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